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Leg Vein Care

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Procedure Instructions

Pre -Leg Vein procedure visit

1. Wear something loose fitting around your legs to your office visit.

2. Avoid sun as much as possible on the area to be treated. (come as fair as possible)

3. Don't do the procedure if you are ill or with period.

4. Avoid NSAIDs/ thinner for 3 days prior to procedure.

After Leg Vein procedure visit

1. Keep dressing on overnight.

2. Remove tape and Co-flex bandages gently.

3. Wear support stocking 3 hours every day for 7 days. Support stocking must have 15-30 mmhg pressure. You can purchase them at Westlake Pharmacy, All-Med, Medicine Shoppe or call around to your local pharmacies or medical supply companies. A prescription is not required for the purchase of the stockings.

4. For 2 -3 days after the treatment avoid heavy exercise, sunbathing, long plane flights and hot baths or saunas.

5. If legs get irritated use a cool compress, aloe-vera or OTC Tylenol.

Please call the office if any problems arise at 805-497-8080.


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